Frequently Asked Questions

Is ultrasonic blinds cleaning safe?

Ultrasonic blinds cleaning is perfectly safe for these materials. In general, as long as a contaminant can be removed from the surface it's on, it can be removed with an ultrasonic cleaner. Contaminants that might require time-consuming applications of elbow grease can be lifted free in a few minutes.

What kinds of blinds and draperies do we clean?

Specialty shades like Luminettes, Silhouettes and Vignettes as well as custom blinds like minis, honeycombs, pleated shades, verticals, faux and real woods. Clean Blinds services Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Lake Geneva and many other communities in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois.

How does it work?

Acoustic waves are induced, creating alternating high pressure and low pressure fronts to travel through the water. These alternating fronts in the blinds cleaning or draperies cleaning react with microscopic  inclusions in the water to produce cavitation, which is the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets. Since the power of cavitation is able to go wherever the liquid goes, the entire blind or drapery can be immersed in a bath and all surfaces, both internal and external, will be cleaned at the same time.